.......says Paul Blizzard

My work manifests itself in a natural manner because I have a deep affinity with nature. I have lived in the Australian bush all my life, apart from the time spent at Art School. I have developed a personal understanding about my surroundings  which have been a major influence on the way I approach my sculpture. 

In my work I express ideas about the impact past, present and future generations have on the environment.

My 'Invented Fossil' series of work, with modern objects hidden amongst the fossils suggests that our present culture could have existed before. 

I have thoughts about the disappearance of past cultures (Roman, Greek and other classic cultures) and that our civilisation will not last forever, but maybe we will leave clues to its existence for people to wonder about.

I like  to think that my sculpture, as images, would stand outside the known limits of culture and time and could be from any period....... past, present, future


I grew up in a very artistic family both my parents were working artists. For 20 years I worked as a studio technician for my father, renowned sculptor Peter Blizzard OAM. I worked with him on major commissions including the P.O.W memorial and completed two after his death. 

Paul Blizzard

Paul Blizzard

I'm open for Business

As well as  working on my own sculpture I have set up a Bronze Casting Foundry.

The type of Bronze casting I offer is Lost Wax Investment Casting. 

The advantages of this method include a finer detail and superior finished quality

I am running Bronze casting workshops which will run over ten weeks.  Students will learn all processes involved in creating a bronze sculpture. I have run three successful courses in the past, averaging ten students per course.

At the foundry

Past Work


Extensive work experience: Foundry technician at Coates and Woods Fine Art Foundry.

Studio/foundry technician Blizzart Studios.

 Steel fabrication at Elite Enclosures. Technician on the P.O.W Memorial.

Studio technician at Stage One Productions

. Bronze Casting lecturer at University of Ballarat.